The guys + 1 gal weekend in Rio Claro

The wonderful truth about Colombia is there are so many different settings to it. At first you can be on a Chiva Bus in the city with your mates then be at a Carl Craig concert. Then after staying up all night be catching the 8:30am bus to Rio Claro. Sounds like quite an exhausting couple of hours, eh? But it was far worth the lack of sleep!

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                             Some crazy fools

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Chiva Bus in Medellín, Colombia

Traveling with three crazy Australians and one funky Brit you have to learn to keep up. Thank god for them though, because they helped me conquer one of my greatest fears, gulp, cliff jumping. I never even knew I was afraid of cliff jumping until I was right on the edge. Probably one of the scariest moments of my 19 years of existence, that 9 meter ledge had me at it’s mercy. If you’re from the United States, 9 meters is equivalent to about 29 feet. All the boys at the bottom were looking up at me, encouraging me to join them. I could hear my heartbeat quickening and my nerves kept growing within my soul. Even thinking about it now makes me tense up a little, suddenly I hear the words that push me over the edge.

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Well worth it!

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How’s the weather down there boys?

“It’s just like Nike Sammy, just do it.”

As I took the final two steps to the edge I just closed my eyes and let myself fall through the air. Ahhhhhhhh! The impact of the water was a lot harder than I anticipated and I can’t imagine that I had a graceful jump/freefall/landing, either. But once I swam up to the surface I knew I made the right decision! Keep in mind this whole experience happened while none of us had any sleep so the struggle was very real, pure adrenalin. That evening was very relaxed, explored some trails, played card games, and ate dinner. Not our usual style, but we were all beat and wanted to wake up early.

The next day we got up and started off the day with a morning cliff jump, back to square one. Yipee. But I did it again, to be more specific I conquered that cliff three times. I was so proud of myself!

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After almost having a panic attack again, it was time to finally relax. I mean floating  the river sounds like a good idea right?


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The hard life, Rio Claro, 2015

Featured image

Favorite view while floating. Rio Claro, 2015

All in all the weekend was great, sometimes the best way to grow as a person is to let yourself lose control. Get out of your own head and just go for it, like Nike, just do it.” Cheers fellas for the words of encouragement!

When was the last time you conquered one of your fears? How did you handle the situation? 


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