How often are you on autopilot?

We all know what autopilot means, but how often do you experience it? Do you suffer from blind obedience? Or do you approach the world everyday with morality and courage?

When you have the same routine it’s easy to put yourself on autopilot for the whole day. Often times, autopilot comes with blind obedience. What is blind obedience? It’s doing what you are told, no matter what is right. To me that sounds like such a brain dead way to live.

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When thinking about these concepts, I think about my regular customers at the coffee shop I work at. Some of the habits that these people inherit are unbelievable, you wonder how they’ve made it this far. Others are actually great people I enjoy seeing. It’s difficult to break habits, no matter what; eating fast food, smoking, buying coffee, anything. But is that just because we choose to have blind obedience? Or live on auto pilot? We know fast food and smoking are bad for our health, yet we still do it. Why?

The people who have rewritten history, created revolutions, and went against the norm, chose to live their lives with morality. Which is exactly how it should be, too often we conform with the norm and go through the motions. So today do something different! Whether that means singing in the car to your favorite song, riding your bike to get around, or finally talking to that cute guy/girl you pass by everyday, JUST DO IT! It’s time we stop living on auto pilot and mindlessly going through our day.

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I challenge you to do something different each day this week. Most of the times these challenges start on Mondays but what the heck we’re going against the norm with this post, so let’s start this today, Thursday! No matter what the difference is; talking to someone new, experimenting with a new outfit, or walking somewhere without head phones in. Whatever makes you get out of your comfort zone, DO IT! Fear makes us realize we are still alive, so it’s time to get out of our own heads and experience life for what it is, magical.

Remember that hunger for life you use to have when you were 19? Well it’s time to get it back! Go get ’em tiger!

Life isn’t meant to be lived mindlessly, it’s meant to be experienced. Start a revolution near you and flip the autopilot switch to off.

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What are you going to do today that is different? What you normally do everyday? Can you live without your caffeine fix?


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