Are you afraid of death?

Lion King said it best, “it’s part of the circle of life.” We’ve heard it since we could understand the movie. It’s inevitable, but yet people are afraid of it. Why?

Is it because you worry if you have enough time to accomplish everything you want before your time is up? Are you afraid of what comes next? Whatever your fear of death may be just know that we’ll all be there together someday. I recently read an article that really struck a cord.

In the west we tend to fear death. It’s a result of our lifestyle. We find ways to get immediate fixes for EVERYTHING.

If you’re sad go on a shopping spree. If you’re tired buy a coffee. The list goes on and on. It’s just become the norm that your emotions can be fixed by a quick purchase. In the end though you’re still ignoring the elephant in the room. The source of those emotions, actions behind it, and how you will fix it. Other than blowing your paycheck, which becomes another problem to add to your list.

But the article I was reading was about Bhutan. The author was visiting Thimphu, the capital. During his visit he was experiencing dizziness and loss of breath. After seeing a local doctor his diagnosis was; “You need to think about death for five minutes every day, it will cure you.”

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After letting this article sink in for a couple of days, I fully believe in the doctor’s diagnosis. In the end none of the bullshit matters. The car you drove, mansion you owned, or name brand clothing. Too often we live in fear of what people will think of us. In reality why are we trying to impress a bunch of assholes we hardly care about anyway?

Since reading this article I have thought about death for five minutes each day and I must say the results have been great! I have been able to accomplish what I wanted during my day and more. You really never know when your time is up so just live each day with a strong spirit and get your hustle on!

The people of Bhutan have had it right all along. They do not fear or ignore death, but rather embrace it. If you ignore this inevitable truth it can come with some heavy psychological effects.

Now when I think about death I am not sadden, but rather empowered to seize any opportunity I was hesitant about at first. If your fear of death comes from being scared of not accomplishing everything you want, then use that as your fuel. Get out there and make your dreams happen! No one else is going to do it for you, they’re too busy buying materialistic things to try and impress you.

Life is too damn short to live the same way everyday in hopes to accomplish your dreams. The clock is ticking, what will you do with your time?

Before reading this article, what were your thoughts on death? Did you know where Bhutan was? Because I sure didn’t, oops.



  1. bhavpreet · May 11, 2015

    hey . hi . saw u at community pool… ur writing made me really think hard … the way of writing impressive and connecting .. loved it … 🙂 followed .. 🙂
    and here i have something for you too . .. hope it’s 50% of yours.. and you will like it .. waiting for ur suggestions to improve more .. 🙂


  2. thenovelist · May 12, 2015

    I have a post called ‘reincarnation and more.’ 🙂


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