Are you really busy or just distracted?

The way that some people make you feel is incredible. I’m not talking about in the romantic sense right now, but how someone can empower, motivate, and encourage you. A couple of days ago I had a meeting with a local entrepreneur in Portland whom I’ve been ecstatic to meet since June! It finally happened and it couldn’t have come at a better time!

People often say “it’s all about timing.” Well ain’t that the truth! Right now the daily struggle has been SO REAL for me. Life happens so quickly that we can feel so busy during the day, but in reality all we did was crank out a bunch of emails. But did those emails move you towards your goal(s)? It’s easy to get caught up in the habitual nature of things, I’m guilty of it, too. You know what I mean, all those tasks you have to do that make you sound so grown up; meetings, emails, conference calls, etc. Which don’t get me wrong, they are necessary as long as they are steps of progress. Which points me to my next question. Are you really busy working towards your goals or is your life just really cluttered?

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This past month has been so eye opening! I have been doing so many personal challenges that I wouldn’t normally do! I’ve been waking up earlier, early enough to do a sunrise hike even, which I highly recommend! I gave up watching television, yes even the holy mecca Netflix. I took up reading books again (who would’ve thought) and have been working out regularly again! And lemme tell you it feels great, no you know what it feels AWESOME!

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Although it hasn’t been full of sun shines and rainbows, the stress has gotten pretty real at times. But honestly if you’re not getting a set back every once in awhile then you’re playing it too safe.

We all fear failure of some form, but the ugly truth is it’s inevitable if you want to live a life worth living. It’s easy to get caught up in the motions and bury the activities that excite us the most. For me that is blogging, the act of writing and publishing something, it feels so great! To some it may seem so simple and easy, but for me it’s an act of vulnerability. Which is part of the reason I can take so long to publish a piece. Then I realize the biggest obstacle I need to get around is myself. From another encounter I had this week I was reminded that through sustained effort comes success. So even the smallest steps get you that much closer to the big milestones!

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Reaching out to someone who has been where I’ve been and is where I want to be someday is so inspiring! When it comes down to it, it’s important to focus on our goals and what we really want to accomplish with our 24 hours. That’s the beauty of life, we are the authors of this book.

So on that note I thank you Lynn, you’re a badass woman and helped me refocus on what I want to do with my life. So cheers to that, happy Sunday Funday ya’ll!

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Who inspires you to be better everyday? Do you hold yourself back from trying something new? Why or why not? 



  1. realjoephill25 · September 21, 2015

    I’m really glad that you brought up the issue about working to your goals in life. We all have to try new things don’t we? I mean if we don’t try something new then we don’t succeed. I did an internship or voluntary work in a start up business, I learnt after two weeks that it wasn’t right for me so I moved on from that. I try to inspire myself because I don’t consider anyone of my family to be inspiring or other people for that matter.

    The main tip I would give to you in the future is to not focus on being inspiring but to be ambitious and ask yourself why and what is the purpose behind it.

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    • wanderessoftheworld · September 22, 2015

      Thank you realjoephill25 for your reading and your comment. I really appreciate it!
      Way to get out there and experience first hand if start up path was for you or not. That’s the best way to learn is by experiencing!
      I’ll definitely keep working on being more ambitious, cheers for reading! 🙂

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