What is WDS?

Some of you may be familiar with hearing about this event on snapchat or other form of social media. Well let me tell you, you will never meet a more upbeat crowd. That’s not meant to be biased since I’m in it, but it’s the truth! The attendees of this conference are insanely kind and personable individuals.

Here’s the run down of this conference. Basically it’s a place for people who want to live a unconventional lifestyle in a conventional world. The week is jammed packed with activities, speakers, workshops, etc. It’s great for building a national network, expanding your comfort zone, and learning about yourself.

(Not all my photos in this post are from the conference, because I took it as a chance to unplug).

But I wanted to share my experience with you all. So this is my second year attending this event, last year I went with my Dad when we were phased with the question What would your 8 year old self think?

The conference has been over for about a week and a half now. Nonetheless I felt this overwhelming sense of joy and blissfulness after my second workshop. Prior to this conference I’ve been on the struggle recently with learning to slow down and declutter my mind. It’s just been one of those insane busy months. But while attending this conference my goal was to mainly be there and only there. Mind, body, and spirit.

Last year when I attended with my Dad it was a great experience, but I also knew that I wasn’t fully invested in the networking portion. My Dad was my crutch and I felt like I didn’t need to be as social. But this year I wanted to make it different. Some things happened to where I would be attending this alone and although I was a little nervous I was also really excited for this opportunity for growth! During the conference I learned I am not as social as I thought I was. I think because I was a bit overwhelmed. But this was a good taste of what October is going to be like, for those of you who don’t know I’m traveling through South and Central America alone, wish me luck! 

But I want to key in on some brilliant ideas that were shared during the “Science of Happiness” academy. For all my quote nerds out there, here is one of the best that stuck out.

I can’t believe I’ve never heard this quote before, because for anyone that knows me they know my life goal is to meet Jim Carrey and that I love quotes!

Generally whenever talking about society as a whole unit the conclusion is that everyone is selfish. But what if we dropped the negative connotation to that? Or better yet, what if we worked on ourselves more? It goes back to the cliché saying ‘if you’re not happy with yourself how can you be happy with someone else?’

Now I can only speak from my experience, but in The States we are not taught to love ourselves. It’s not really a topic taught in school and if it was I missed that, whoops. It’s often times that we are our toughest critic, I’m a firm believer in that. But I’m also a firm believer in being patient with yourself in your growth process and to make sure you realize you’re always learning and growing through every experience in life. The beautiful times and the ugly. 

This year I felt like WDS focused more on personal growth than last year. Which was kind of ironic for me, because of the endeavor I’m about to embark on in a month.

The academy speaker of “The Science of Happiness” was Vanessa Van Edwards  and she broke up our growing processes into two categories. On the left side you have a resumé building activities and on the right side you have the eulogy building activities. Usually we focus on the left side, because it’s what society has told us to focus on and somehow that turns into our ‘legacy’.

But les-be honest; life isn’t about how much money you make or the fancy luxury items you have. It’s about the meaningful relationships in your life, how you treated others, and living with passion. At least it is to me.

It’s scary to think about why we were put on this Earth. I mean it’s not really an answer you can figure out in a simple afternoon. But we definitely don’t put the amount of effort this topic deserves into our daily, monthly, or even yearly routines. I’m just as guilty as anyone else.

But imagine a world if more people knew their self worth or truly lived out their dreams?
I definitely don’t have my life all figured out, who does? But I know it’s more of a priority now than it was before. And that I’m more focused on personal growth than ever before.

The best part of this new feeling? I’m not feeling guilty for it. I think society has made us view self reflection/personal growth as a ‘selfish act’. But if it’s done peacefully and without harming others then is it really bad?

What has helped you grow into the person you are today? What’s on your resumé side and eulogy side of your chart? 



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